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Donnerstag 19:00 Uhr, Samstag 21:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

And you are

UK, 11:42 min, Margaret Dane

And You Are is an artistically compassionate film of the effects and revelations of Alzheimers. This abstract film explores what is undoubtedly a personal journey, with a universal theme. A life of memories and snapshots, the touchstone for who we think we are, is traced through ‘The Face “ that leads us through the journey of this one life.

Seven days a week

UK, 9:53 min, Tal Amiran

For the last 36 years, Paul has opened his North London paper stall at 4.40am, seven days a week, every week of the year.

Now 66, and with his time selling papers nearing an end, Paul reflects on his life in the paper booth and what the future holds for the stall he inherited from his father.

Cotton Dreams

Indien/Polen, 14:30 min, Sandeep Falhara

The side effects of a growing economy and extensive use of biotechnology pushed indian farmers into the world‘s greatest agrarian crisis. „CottonDreams“ delves into life of one such family and brings out a tragic tale of love, life and sacrifice under extreme living conditions in rural India.

Volcano with hat

Deutschland/ Mexico 12:25 min, Helena Hufnagl

The Popocatepetl is one of the most dangerous volcanos worldwide. It is surrounded by a large exclusion zone. For foreigners it is unimaginable, but there are people living at the edge of the volcano. Are they afraid? Not at all. They have connected with the nature force in a very outstanding way. Magicians, UFOs, fortune teller…. we have found out what they all have in common: they trust their volcano, the volcano with hat.

A Composer

Deutschland,/ Libanon, 18 min, Daniel Kötter

The single take film “A Composer” documents a car ride by Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka, re-imagining a story that happened 10 years ago, when Moultaka was threatened for using the word “Israel” in one of his compositions. The political situation of his home country, its psycho-geography and the conditions of artistic practice in the Middle East, all this superimposed in the protagonist’s imagination. A film documenting the assimilation of past and present reflected in the recording situation.


Irak, 20 min, Mazin Sherabayani

12-year-old Dyab is a Kurdish Yazidi boy living at Arbat refuge camp, after the horrendous attacks by the Islamic States on their villages at Shingal Mountains (Sinjar). However, Dyab’s dream is, to become a filmmaker and actor and tell the stories and sufferings of his people to the outside world.