KurzFilme 2

Donnerstag 21:00 Uhr, Freitag 19:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

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Deutschland, 8 min, Jan Zabeil

A man drives through a deserted landscape. Suddenly his car hits a person, seriously hurting or even killing him. The driver searches for the body, cannot find it – and must accept, that there is no one. Instead, he does find blood on the broken windshield.What happens when realizing that we kill – without being confronted with the dead?

copy complete

Deutschland, 8:23 min, Maria Auerbach

The experimental film ‚copy complete‘ focuses the cinematic presentations of the computer in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Sequences with computers are accompanied with equivalent computer sounds as well as the original film music by split screens together into a collage to tell a new story about the hacking phenomenon at the origin of the digital era.

The best of intentions

Schweden , 14:04 min, Emil Jonsson

A vengeful father suspects that his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty. In exacting revenge he forgets about his daughters life threatening condition. A dramatic thriller resting on moral dilemmas.


Israel, 9:06 min, Noa Gusakov

Lily is a teacher in her Sabbatical year, living in a Kibutz. She is having hard time adjusting to her year off while life at school goes on without her. Her attempt at finding something else to do, at all costs, brings her to an unexpected showdown.

Jazz Orgie

Deutsch, 53 sec, Irina Rubina

Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drown into their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms which results in a total explosion.


Israel, 9:15 min, Yotam Knispel

Neta, a socially-rejected 11 year old, is having a nightmarish day that starts with getting her first period, right before gym class.

Not wanting to face the embarrassment, she takes drastic actions.

But only these actions will lead her to discover something surprising and new.

Copper wire

Iran, 10:05 min, Hasan Najmabadi

A child who collect copper wire and sell them for renting a movie.

slippery road drive with caution

Iran, 15:00 min, Gholamreza Jafari

Reza is an afghan immigrant youth people that work in a scrapped car storehouse and want to repair one of them for her wife but the afghan peoples cant driving in Iran and he is trying to do some thing for her.

It was damp dark and smelled like wood

Deutschland, 13:30 min, Peter Meister

The film is about the last 12 minutes before the greek heroes are going to leave their wooden horse, to conquer Troy. A shortfilm about one of the most famous special forces in history and their way to deal with some unexpected challenges.