KurzFilme 1

Donnerstag 19:00 Uhr, Freitag 21:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

My last concert

Deutschland, 15 min, Regie: Selcuk Cara

My last concert in the town I was born.

My last concert in the town where a part of me died.

My last concert in the town where I am hoping to find my inner peace.


Russland/Deutschland, 6 min Artem Tarkhanov

„You must be,“ said the Cat, „or you wouldn’t have come here.“

The talent scout

Canada, 11:30 min Anita Abbasi

Playing on the idea of cinema as illusion, the allure of Hollywood, and the doppelgänger myth, The Talent Scout follows its eponymous character to the small town of Little Brook, where he searches for his next meal ticket. There he meets Samantha, a waitress slaving for minimum wage, who sees in Oliver an opportunity to escape her prosaic existence.

Herman the german

Deutschland, 15 min, Michael Binz

Herman is one of the most experienced bomb defusers in Germany. After a medical examination Herman learns that he suffers from the rare Kahnawake syndrome, which causes him that the emotion „fear“ falls out whereby he is forced to try out all phobias to become normal again.

Trial and Error

Deutschland, 05:27 min, Antje Heyn

A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots – and a long-lost friend.

Wish you here

Australien, 7 min, Tanya Andrews

A lonely zombie desperately craves company in a dead and empty world.

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque

Spain, 7:52, Boris Kozlov

In 1973 Carl Sagan created the Pionner Plaque for the NASA Pioneer 10 mission. It was Humanity’s first message for extraterrestrial civilizations. Today, four decades later, the World gets together to collectively compose a new message…

Family Values

USA, 3:13 min, Justin OBrien

When Dylan comes out to his parents at the Dinner Table, the evening takes an unexpected turn.


Singapur, 11:13 min, Dagomir Kaszlikowski

A woman‘s confession in a cab at night.

KurzFilme 2

Donnerstag 21:00 Uhr, Freitag 19:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

We will stay in touch about it

Deutschland, 8 min, Jan Zabeil

A man drives through a deserted landscape. Suddenly his car hits a person, seriously hurting or even killing him. The driver searches for the body, cannot find it – and must accept, that there is no one. Instead, he does find blood on the broken windshield.What happens when realizing that we kill – without being confronted with the dead?

copy complete

Deutschland, 8:23 min, Maria Auerbach

The experimental film ‚copy complete‘ focuses the cinematic presentations of the computer in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Sequences with computers are accompanied with equivalent computer sounds as well as the original film music by split screens together into a collage to tell a new story about the hacking phenomenon at the origin of the digital era.

The best of intentions

Schweden , 14:04 min, Emil Jonsson

A vengeful father suspects that his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty. In exacting revenge he forgets about his daughters life threatening condition. A dramatic thriller resting on moral dilemmas.


Israel, 9:06 min, Noa Gusakov

Lily is a teacher in her Sabbatical year, living in a Kibutz. She is having hard time adjusting to her year off while life at school goes on without her. Her attempt at finding something else to do, at all costs, brings her to an unexpected showdown.

Jazz Orgie

Deutsch, 53 sec, Irina Rubina

Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drown into their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms which results in a total explosion.


Israel, 9:15 min, Yotam Knispel

Neta, a socially-rejected 11 year old, is having a nightmarish day that starts with getting her first period, right before gym class.

Not wanting to face the embarrassment, she takes drastic actions.

But only these actions will lead her to discover something surprising and new.

Copper wire

Iran, 10:05 min, Hasan Najmabadi

A child who collect copper wire and sell them for renting a movie.

slippery road drive with caution

Iran, 15:00 min, Gholamreza Jafari

Reza is an afghan immigrant youth people that work in a scrapped car storehouse and want to repair one of them for her wife but the afghan peoples cant driving in Iran and he is trying to do some thing for her.

It was damp dark and smelled like wood

Deutschland, 13:30 min, Peter Meister

The film is about the last 12 minutes before the greek heroes are going to leave their wooden horse, to conquer Troy. A shortfilm about one of the most famous special forces in history and their way to deal with some unexpected challenges.



KurzFilme 3

Donnerstag 21:00 Uhr, Freitag 19:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

Er und Sie

Deutschland, 15 min, Marco Gadge

Thomas is on his way to a life that includes only himself and his girlfriend… but when she breaks up with him, the dream goes up in smoke. Then he meets Annemarie at a lonely rest stop. As he tells the quirky old woman about his failed relationship, he comes to realize that, whatever happens, however dark and horrible things seem, there are always reasons to jump into life with both feet.

Pick Up

Bahrain, 10:10 min, Laila Al- Beiti

A schoolgirl is desperate to reach home when faced with the embarrassment of being picked up from school by her father in his dusty old pick-up truck. Undeterred, he decides to take a detour and take her on a small fishing trip.

The Vast Landscape

Singapur, 11 min Lea Vidakovic

A fox hunter and a porcelain shopkeeper lady, the scientist brothers, a seal, a boy and a music box.

Six characters in their rooms filled with traces of longing, separated by a vast and bleak landscape.

Four stories on love, contemplation and (self) destruction.

Coffin Grabber

UK, 14:38 min, Claire Elizabeth Alberie

A tale of personal crisis brought on by the uncompromising brutality of an abusive father toward a young boy.  Having been disbelieved by his grandmother for unchristian accusations and impeded by his father in his efforts to tell his mother, the boy is driven to a final act of despair.

‘Every ten days in the UK, a child is killed at the hands of a parent.’’ (NSPCC) What if one child fought back? Coffin Grabber is an attempt to explore this question.


Deutschland, 15 min, Robert Gwisdek

Ein Elektriker gerät in eine Situation in der ein Elektriker in eine Situation gerät.


Israel, 10:53 min Tamar Goren

Ella and Dan are on the way to the movies, their relationship is clearly strained.

When they get to the parking lot, Dan tells Ella that he „can’t do it anymore“.

Shock hits Ella and takes her and Dan to farewell journey in the desert of the mind.

What weee are

Italien, 2:12 min, Alessio De Marchi

WHAT WEEE ARE is an ongoing multifaceted sociocultural multimedia project searching the deeper meanings of the world. A quest through waste and feelings and the richness of the earth, trying to untangle the intricacy of human, so called, society.

Rod Zegwi Da Pikan

Mauritius, 4 min Azim Moollan

A brief introspective into the state of mind of a woman. Her battles in life, her relationship with her daughter and walking the fine line of addiction.

DokuFilme 1

Donnerstag 19:00 Uhr, Samstag 21:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

And you are

UK, 11:42 min, Margaret Dane

And You Are is an artistically compassionate film of the effects and revelations of Alzheimers. This abstract film explores what is undoubtedly a personal journey, with a universal theme. A life of memories and snapshots, the touchstone for who we think we are, is traced through ‘The Face “ that leads us through the journey of this one life.

Seven days a week

UK, 9:53 min, Tal Amiran

For the last 36 years, Paul has opened his North London paper stall at 4.40am, seven days a week, every week of the year.

Now 66, and with his time selling papers nearing an end, Paul reflects on his life in the paper booth and what the future holds for the stall he inherited from his father.

Cotton Dreams

Indien/Polen, 14:30 min, Sandeep Falhara

The side effects of a growing economy and extensive use of biotechnology pushed indian farmers into the world‘s greatest agrarian crisis. „CottonDreams“ delves into life of one such family and brings out a tragic tale of love, life and sacrifice under extreme living conditions in rural India.

Volcano with hat

Deutschland/ Mexico 12:25 min, Helena Hufnagl

The Popocatepetl is one of the most dangerous volcanos worldwide. It is surrounded by a large exclusion zone. For foreigners it is unimaginable, but there are people living at the edge of the volcano. Are they afraid? Not at all. They have connected with the nature force in a very outstanding way. Magicians, UFOs, fortune teller…. we have found out what they all have in common: they trust their volcano, the volcano with hat.

A Composer

Deutschland,/ Libanon, 18 min, Daniel Kötter

The single take film “A Composer” documents a car ride by Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka, re-imagining a story that happened 10 years ago, when Moultaka was threatened for using the word “Israel” in one of his compositions. The political situation of his home country, its psycho-geography and the conditions of artistic practice in the Middle East, all this superimposed in the protagonist’s imagination. A film documenting the assimilation of past and present reflected in the recording situation.


Irak, 20 min, Mazin Sherabayani

12-year-old Dyab is a Kurdish Yazidi boy living at Arbat refuge camp, after the horrendous attacks by the Islamic States on their villages at Shingal Mountains (Sinjar). However, Dyab’s dream is, to become a filmmaker and actor and tell the stories and sufferings of his people to the outside world.

DokuFilme 2

Freitag 21:00 Uhr, Samstag 11:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

Hinter dem Wald

Deutschland, 10 min, Francesca Bertin

Hinter dem Wald liegt die Stadt von morgen. Vor dem Wald liegen die Dörfer von gestern.

One Love

Spanien/ Schweden, 17 min, Nike Ossler

A passionated love story between a Swedish girl and a Spanish guy. They meet one day in Barcelona and fall in love instantly. But when Hanne goes to Copenhagen a half year for studies, everything changes.
Do you give up when you think you’ve found the one?

A cup of coffee & pieces of wood

Schweden, 12:23 min, Andreas Gerke

A feel-good documentary about two totally ordinary senior citizens who enjoy the small things in their daily routine. Life is simple and crammed with coffee breaks, romance and stunning archipelagos. A peaceful, amusing and cinematic portrait that captures the beauty of life onto small pieces of wood.

Here Cometh the moon

Italien, 08:07 min, Gloria Kurnik

Love is a net that traps the mind but she’s not the only one. Vittoria learned to make fishing nets as a very young girl and now from the perspective of old age she will tell us that we all swim in the sea full of them, the social “norms”, toxic relationships, our own preconceptions to name just a few. How do they determine our lives and where do we go when we need to grasp for air?


Iran, 15:15 min, Keivan Mohseni

Kayeh is a kind of scarf which is traditionally worn around infants’ and small children’s head. This documentary shows the process of making Kayeh by an old woman from Gerash, a small town in the south of Iran, while also showing her serene and peaceful life with her husband.


Türkei, 20 min, Beston Ismael

Der 12-jährige Djudi ist mit seiner Familie vor dem Krieg aus Syrien nach Istanbul geflüchtet. Da sie dort keinerlei Unterstützung erhält, bestreitet die Familie ihren Lebensunterhalt mit dem Straßenverkauf von Wasser und Brezeln. Durch Momentaufnahmen aus ihrem Alltag enthüllt die Dokumentation ein bewegendes Familienschicksal und zeigt, welche Träume, Wünsche und Hoffnungen durch eine Flucht auf der Strecke bleiben.