KurzFilme 3

Donnerstag 21:00 Uhr, Freitag 19:00 Uhr, Kinowelt Diessen

Er und Sie

Deutschland, 15 min, Marco Gadge

Thomas is on his way to a life that includes only himself and his girlfriend… but when she breaks up with him, the dream goes up in smoke. Then he meets Annemarie at a lonely rest stop. As he tells the quirky old woman about his failed relationship, he comes to realize that, whatever happens, however dark and horrible things seem, there are always reasons to jump into life with both feet.

Pick Up

Bahrain, 10:10 min, Laila Al- Beiti

A schoolgirl is desperate to reach home when faced with the embarrassment of being picked up from school by her father in his dusty old pick-up truck. Undeterred, he decides to take a detour and take her on a small fishing trip.

The Vast Landscape

Singapur, 11 min Lea Vidakovic

A fox hunter and a porcelain shopkeeper lady, the scientist brothers, a seal, a boy and a music box.

Six characters in their rooms filled with traces of longing, separated by a vast and bleak landscape.

Four stories on love, contemplation and (self) destruction.

Coffin Grabber

UK, 14:38 min, Claire Elizabeth Alberie

A tale of personal crisis brought on by the uncompromising brutality of an abusive father toward a young boy.  Having been disbelieved by his grandmother for unchristian accusations and impeded by his father in his efforts to tell his mother, the boy is driven to a final act of despair.

‘Every ten days in the UK, a child is killed at the hands of a parent.’’ (NSPCC) What if one child fought back? Coffin Grabber is an attempt to explore this question.


Deutschland, 15 min, Robert Gwisdek

Ein Elektriker gerät in eine Situation in der ein Elektriker in eine Situation gerät.


Israel, 10:53 min Tamar Goren

Ella and Dan are on the way to the movies, their relationship is clearly strained.

When they get to the parking lot, Dan tells Ella that he „can’t do it anymore“.

Shock hits Ella and takes her and Dan to farewell journey in the desert of the mind.

What weee are

Italien, 2:12 min, Alessio De Marchi

WHAT WEEE ARE is an ongoing multifaceted sociocultural multimedia project searching the deeper meanings of the world. A quest through waste and feelings and the richness of the earth, trying to untangle the intricacy of human, so called, society.

Rod Zegwi Da Pikan

Mauritius, 4 min Azim Moollan

A brief introspective into the state of mind of a woman. Her battles in life, her relationship with her daughter and walking the fine line of addiction.